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We make dreams come true.  Very differently than any marketing agency or website designing company... We create visions and translate them into fully functional, strategic brands, full of layers, emotions, and effective strategies, delivered to you with all the tools and training you will ever need to understand, launch, grow, and/or scale your business bigger and better than your wildest dreams.



Our secret weapon is the type of creative professionals that we have carefully and extensively trained to deliver our packages. Each of our professionals is trained to understand, design, and deliver brands, content, websites, and strategies for any client, in any industry. Because they use a proprietary system to get the data and information they need to creatively and strategically develop the most effective and visually striking brands you have ever experienced.



When you purchase a package you get enrolled in our member-only exclusive memberships that include TripValet Incentives, giving you unlimited travel certificates to help you run powerful incentive marketing campaigns and get more leads. And access to our Creators Club where you get more ready-to-use, industry-specific content, templates, and resources plus access to our weekly live training. All our memberships are month-to-month and you can cancel at any time without affecting the ownership and delivery of all the items in your package.



Created by Livia Fisher-Kane, brand developer and marketing strategist with over 20 years of experience working with multi-billion dollar brands, celebrities, athletes, influencers, startups, small businesses, and independent professionals, in partnership with TripValet Incentives and The Young Entrepreneur Project, a public company operating across the globe with thousands of members worldwide.


Everything starts with you answering our smart, interactive forms that have been formulated to connect your vision and your needs to a perfect match creative within our team.

Every element, in every package we offer, comes ready to use, fully customized, and personalized for you. On top of that, you will receive training and templates for everything we deliver so you can continue to create, update, change, customize, everything,



Once you sign up and submit your business info and style guide forms it will take up to 5 business days for you to receive your Brand Sneak Peek with your logo and your brand's look and feel. Once you approve that we will deliver your content pack, all ready to use via email in your own Google Drive within 10 business days. The next step will be your website. You will fill out a Website Flow form and your website will be delivered to you fully personalized and ready via Wix so you have full control and ownership within 10 business days.

1. Is SEO included? 


Yes. But SEO is something that you continue to work on and improve because it's looking at backlinks, content, traffic etc.


2. What are demographic targets?


Specific demographics that your brand will find better engagement, lead generation, and overall more success within. It can be used for boosting posts, running ads, or overall just understanding who is more likely to look like, interact and buy from you.


3. What is included in the monthly fee?  Like is the content provided and posted to specified accounts (is it Done For You or Done With You where you train how to do content?)


Access to the groups where we post original content that, yes it's ready to use, but we also provide templates and teach you how to brand it with one click. 


4. 30-minute coaching – is that group or one on one



5. What is the difference between email marketing and automated emails?


Email marketing campaigns that you can send out to whoever you want and or to email lists. And automated emails are emails that are triggered when a potential lead enters their info on your website. 


6. Landing Page – where are the names captured to?  Is there a CRM?  What if you want more than one landing page?


Each package comes with a certain number of pages. You can always add more on your own and we provide you training on how to easily do so. Wix does have a CRM system and all your contacts will be stored in your account and you can also download them as CVS files whenever. 


7. How long to deliver?


It depends on a few things. After submission of both forms, it will take up to 5 business days for the delivery of the Brand Sneak Peek. Upon approval of that, each item will take another 5 business days, starting with the content pack and website.



8.  Is there any sample completed pages?


There are many. But we don't really share clients' pages, so depending on requests we can provide a draft sample based on industry. 


9. Is there a YEP Package that will include BrandValet – Say like a YEP BrandValet Founder/Pro etc. they want the trip, the community and they want Brand Valet?


This isn't something we've worked out and at this time, no.

10. What if I’m already a YEP member? Do I get a discount?


No. BrandValet is set at a flat rate that is a lot below market price, so we can’t offer any further discounts.


11. What if I already have a website?


It will depend on what you want to do about it. Many times we recommend redesigning it, depending on what platform your website was created we can recommend just an update.


12. Is there a contract or minimum monthly requirement?


There is no contract, and you do not need to keep the membership after your 30-day free trial. That does not affect the delivery or ownership of any of your deliverables.


13. What is the refund policy?


We can only offer refunds to clients that have not yet submitted their forms because once the forms have been submitted, it means our team is already working on deliverables and we can no longer issue a refund.